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U-shaped straw for aseptic packaging

The paper straw is the only alternative to plastic for aseptic packaging.

Are you specialised in (co) packaging of liquid foods such as milk, fruit juices, soft drinks and functional drinks ? With our U-shaped paper straws, we offer you the best and only ecological alternative for your liquid food packaging business.

Drinking straws made out of pure paper is a sensitive product. The most common problems found in the market include: it can become "soggy" within minutes, it can "melt" or lose its shape once it comes into contact with the drink, the U-shaped bendable part can easily break when children play with it, consumers have complained about the smell and mouthfeel, which affects the quality and taste of the drink, the sharp edge is too blunt to pierce the drink package, and many more.

As the material cost of the paper straw is several times higher than the plastic straw, some producers use 240g paper to produce it - however, the quality standard should be at least 300g. As a result, paper that is too thin often causes damage, as the straw flattens in the package during transport and storage.

Although this series of problems cannot be detected during industrial testing, it can easily lead to a million complaints from consumers once the beverage pack is already on the market when the processor has chosen the wrong supplier for the paper straws.

Although the paper straw is a low-cost, disposable product, often costing less than 1% of the total beverage package, the impact of poor quality is enough to damage the brand's reputation, market value and overall sales.

Another challenge in making a paper straw is the production process, which is much more complex than simply moulding the plastic. Production speed and delivery are much slower than for plastic straws, and producers and capacity are less than for plastic straws. At present, global production capacity is not even 10% of global demand, which is a concern for the just-in-time supply chain.

However, there are qualified paper straws on the market that are 100% guaranteed to be of the highest quality - that's Hello Straw.

Hello Straw is the first manufacturer to offer U-shaped and I-shaped paper straws on the market, making its debut in November 2019 in German supermarkets such as Lidl, Aldi and Rewe.

Hello Straw U-shaped straws are sold in +20 countries in +25 different brands since 2019 with approved quality. The Hello Straw paper straw attached to the Starbucks cup has been sold throughout Europe, and has served as an example to all brands as a quality guide for paper straws. Other references in Hello Straw's portfolio include Arla, Hochwald, Riha, Frischli, Oatly and Maulec, among others.

Hello Straw has more tests in quantity and type than any other European manufacturer, which guarantees 100% food safety. We are proud to present more than 50 test reports available from international laboratories such as BV, TUV, SGS, but also by European national laboratories such as Eurofins.

We can rely on excellent test reports on the most stringent measures, such as MOSH-MOAH or 3 MCPD compliance, which some brands and countries even consider as a minimum requirement for the purchase of paper straws. Hello Straw also holds the certificate for physical testing, attesting that the straw can be in contact with liquids for more than 24 hours. Hello Straw also has the En71-1,2,3 certificate, which guarantees that the straws are safe for children over 18 months.

Hello Straw has a DIN test report on the compostability of paper straws, which requires 1.5 years of rigorous testing to prove that the finished paper product is itself 100% compostable.

With production facilities around the world, not only in China and Vietnam, but also in Europe, Hello Straw ensures immediate delivery and local sourcing to reduce the carbon footprint. We also maintain large stocks in Europe for the most common styles and sizes, for customers who sign the annual contract for immediate and continuous supply at reduced cost.

With its headquarters in the Netherlands and numerous subsidiaries in Europe, Hello Straw ensures direct sales contact, after-sales service, logistics and local delivery throughout Europe and overseas.

Hello Straw paper straws are 100% compatible to replace plastic straws on Tetra Pak and Sig machines. We also have a competent technical partner who produces the straw adaptor, pre-tests all straws before delivery, gives advice and technical support to all customers, and tailors the adaptors for greater efficiency.

Choosing Hello Straw means choosing a guarantee of quality, safety and reliability.

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