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Hello Straw - Personalised paper straws

Bespoke production

On top of our standard range of Hello Straw paper straws, our factories in China and Poland produce a large portfolio of paper straws in different sizes, shapes, colours, designs and packaging solutions, 100% tailor made from only 200 000 units.

Paper straws telescopic, U-shape, individual packed, straws for all kind of juice packs and personalised prints for publicity purpose (name of event, brand, company logo, etc.) in order to bring added value to your product, service or to emphasise on your eco-friendly commitments.

Hello Straw is one of the only producers complying with the most stringent food safety tests made by German laboratories. Hello Paper straws are free from BPA, 3-MCPD or MOSH & MOAH (Mineral oil-saturated hydrocarbons and aromatics) and are 100% biodegradable.

For our paper drinking straws we only use European origin materials (paper, glue, food safe ink, ..) to ensure food safety and ecological aspects.

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