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Hellostraw-shop ® - 100% eco-responsible paper straw

Hellostraw-shopmakes your daily life easier by offering you 100% food contact paper straws from a single source.

Since 2016, we have been offering a very wide choice of fully biodegradable paper straws of exceptional quality for retailers, hotels, bars, brasseries, nightclubs, leisure centers, amusement parks, the food industry, caterers, event organizations , etc.

Our proposal :

    ✓ Improving the world by offering sustainable disposable products.
    ✓ To offer you quality products that meet the latest European environmental requirements.
    ✓ Provide you with a choice of paper straws accessible to all, with no minimum quantity, shipped within 48 hours.

    Our engagement :

    ✓ Make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.
    ✓ Guarantee fast delivery with online traceability.
    ✓ Shipping from 250 straws / dispenser box within 48 hours.
    ✓ Free delivery from 50 excl. VAT of purchase.
    ✓ Competitive and guaranteed prices for the whole year.

    Hello Straw paper straw, straight straw, flexible straw, Shake and Smoothie straw, cocktail straw, bubble tea straw, biodegradable straw, compostable straws, hot drink paper, ... FSC certified..

    In addition to our standard range, Hello Straw proposes all kind of paper straws in different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and packaging solutions 100% customisable from 300,000 units produced in our own factories in China, Vietnam and Poland. LEARN MORE