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Hellostraw-shop® - 100% eco-friendly paper straws

Hellostraw-shop makes it easier for professional customers and end-users to find the right paper drinking straw from just one single source.

Established in 2016, we propose an unlimited range of fully degradable paper straws for food and non-food retail, food packaging industry, fast food restaurants, hotels, bars, discotheques, theme parks, catering and event services all over Europe.

What do we stand for?

Improve the world with more sustainable disposables.
Propose top quality products that comply with the latest European environmental standards.
Make purchase of eco-friendly paper drinking straws accessible for all.

Our engagement:

Hello Straw® eco-friendly paper straws, straight straws, flexible straws, straws for Smoothie and Shakes, cocktail straws, biodegradable paper straws, compostable paper straws, paper drinking straws, wholesale paper straws, restaurant and bar drinking straws. FSC® certified.

Beside our standard range of Hello Straw paper straws, our factory produces all sorts of sizes, shapes, colours, designs and packaging solutions and all 100% personalised from a minimum quantity of 200 000 units. BESPOKE SOLUTIONS